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Author Summer Leigh
Incidental fate
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Read Incidental Fate Book 1 through Gavin's POV.

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Incidental Fate Series

The Incidental Fate series introduces Gavin & Sadie. Their love story spans 6 books and introduces you to the Romano Family.

Sadie moved to San Diego to stay close to her college bound son. Gavin was a senior at said college. She wanted to keep Gavin a secret. He wanted to keep her forever.

One kiss, one spark, and Sadie knew Gavin was trouble.One kiss, one spark, and Gavin knew Sadie was more than a night, more than a kiss.

Gavin Romano was the youngest of five, his siblings all a decade older. Age meant nothing to him, other than an inconvenience, but it meant everything to Sadie, especially when the man who made her heart race was in his 20’s, while she was in her 30’s.

But on that night, she couldn’t stop. Her back was against the wall, Gavin towered in front of her, his body encroached, his lips lowered, and that first kiss created a need neither could run from. One kiss led to one night-which was all it ever could be because while their age made Sadie think twice, it was Gavin being a senior at the same university as her freshman son that made her slam to a stop.

Only while she put on the brakes, Gavin went full steam ahead. He knew Sadie was more than a crush, more than a night, more than a kiss-he just had to convince her of that.

Slide Storyteller Summer Leigh
Author of the Incidental Fate® book series
and Romanoverse® spin-off series.

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